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Special session

Artificial Intelligence applied to Health Technology Assessment and Health Technology Management for empowering healthcare

Session chairs

  • Alessio Luschi - Department of Information Engineering – University of Florence, Italy;
  • Davide Piaggio - School of Engineering – University of Warwick, England;
  • Laura Lopez Perez - Life Supporting Technologies Research Group – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

Health informatics, e-Health and Telemedicine

Session chair:

Prof. Dr. Milica Vukotić, University of Donja Gorica

Bio-innovations in the food system towards next generation of multidisciplinary initiatives

Session chair:

Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Martinović, University of Donja Gorica


Health Technology Assessment and Frugal Engineering

Session chair:

Prof. Dr. Davide Piaggio

Perspectives on Digital Transformation in Clinical Practices through International Living Labs

Session chairs

  • Beatriz Merino – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain;
  • Sergio Guillén – Mysphera RTLS;
  • Maria Teresa Arredondo – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain;
  • Kinda Kalaf – University of Khalifa;
  • Maria Fernanda Cabrera – activage.org Association;
  • Prof. Dimitris Fotiadis – University of Ioannina:
  • Luis Kuhn – IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology


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